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Trill Complete 18 inches Bass Speaker

Trill Complete 18 inches Bass Speaker

The Trill Complete 18 inches Bass Speaker from TRILL is a compact subwoofer that delivers powerful bass performance, making it an ideal choice for low-frequency support alongside full-range speakers or as part of a subwoofer array. Constructed with a sturdy 13-ply birch enclosure, this subwoofer is internally braced, ensuring durability and exceptional sonic performance. Equipped with an 18″ 2268H Differential Drive woofer, it offers an extended low-frequency range that reaches as low as 31Hz. The inclusion of a large port aids in extending low-frequency response while reducing compression and turbulence.

With a peak power rating of 3200W, the Trill Complete 18 inches Bass Speaker delivers a robust bass performance with minimal distortion. Integrated handles facilitate convenient transportation, while threaded insert points on the bottom allow for the attachment of an optional wheel kit (sold separately) for added mobility. Additionally, a 20mm threaded pole socket on the top panel provides a secure mounting option for satellite speakers on top of the subwoofer.

In summary, the Trill Complete 18 inches Bass Speaker is designed to provide exceptional bass support in a compact form factor, making it suitable for a range of applications. Its durable construction extended low-frequency range, and high power rating contribute to its impressive performance, while the inclusion of convenient features enhances its versatility and ease of use.

KShs 45,000

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